Camp Caravan 2017 Thank You

We’re looking forward to Camp Caravan in Summer 2018. Check back soon and we’ll have information on registration and our 2018 locations.  In the meantime, check out the fun from our Elves Workshop December 2017. We’ll also be offering another Elves Workshop in December 2018.

Thank you from Camp Caravan 2017

The success of our camp falls to many individuals and a big thank you goes to all the Camp Leaders, volunteers, donors, and participants of this year’s Camp Caravan. A very fun and successful summer this one turned out to be. The Caravan staff would like to also thank the host churches for all that they do to get the campers there and for hosting each week. Without the host churches, this would not be possible.

Our host churches:

• In Calgary: Robert McClure United Church, Symons Valley United Church, St Thomas United Church, St. Gerard’s Catholic Parish, Red   Deer Lake United Church.

• In Medicine Hat: Westminster and Fifth Avenue United Churches

Camp Caravan is a small group ministry, summer day-camp program for children in kindergarten to grade 6. It is filled with epic Bible-learning experiences that children will see, hear, touch, and even taste! Through small group activities, sharing stories of feeling God’s power at work, and team- building games, everyone will be kept on the move, as we find creative ways to discover God’s mighty power and love.

Camp Caravan is mountains of faith-filled adventure and fun! In addition, children came away with memories, keepsakes and a rock-solid faith that they can rely on for life!

As our program name suggests, we are a Camp Caravan that moves locations each week to offer our program at various Church and community locations in Calgary and area in July and August.