Program Guide

You’ll find detailed information on the programs and ministries of St. Andrew’s United Church and its Regional Ministries in the Program Guide. Please note the controls at the bottom of the Guide which allow you to enlarge the document, download it as a PDF to your computer and to share it with others.

Thank you to the people whose skills and efforts went into the Program Guide:

• St. Andrew’s Stewardship and Finance folks headed by Carle Duguid who envisioned the Project.
• Photographers: Richard Betts, Shelley Den Haan, Robert Massey, Joanna Nicholson, Rachel M-J, Elizabeth Gray, Michael Plumb
• Writers: Shelley Den Haan, Donna Marchak, Marion Wolff, Lisa Penzo, Elizabeth Gray
• Proofreader: Donna Betts

     Shelley Den Haan, Communications for St. Andrew’s