Joyce and Marion ready to deliver sandwiches to Calgary’s Drop in Centre

The St. Andrew’s congregation has a history of supporting outreach initiatives in our community, nation and globally. Individually and as a community, St. Andrew’s people are generous with their talents, time and money. Through the years the Church in Community (formerly named the Church in Society) has participated, supported and taken a lead in many outreach activities.
Presently we have eight members and often a few guests. We meet once a month on Wednesday afternoons for fellowship and to share ideas and plan activities. Many initiatives that we are support are driven by the passions of our current committee members. Examples are: Don Stiles with Acadia Place and Community Gardening; Joye Brown with Ploughshares and the Mission and Service Fund; and Marion Wolff and Wendy Campbell with the Syrian Sponsorship Initiative.
We welcome people who wish to be very active in one or more activities or who only have time or desire to assist with supporting various initiatives with baking, making sandwiches, gardening, or driving etc. St. Andrew’s Mission Statement is Seeking, Sharing, Serving, And Caring. The Church in Community ministry provides opportunities for all these actions and more. If you are interested, contact Marion via St. Andrew’s Centre.