What We Believe

St. Andrew’s Mission and Vision statements are complimented by a set of Core Values that provide guidance for us as we pursue God’s vision for our ministry.

                St. Andrew’s Mission Statement

Affirm LogoSt. Andrew’s is a safe place, where we are intentionally inclusive and all are welcome.

We celebrate the mystery and excitement of God’s love for all persons and creations. NO matter who you love or how you identify, you are accepted and not judged, regardless of age, race, family status, physical or mental dis/ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or socioeconomic status or spiritual point of view.

We journey together openly, to build trust and to engage as full and equal participants in a community of faith Called to Follow the Way of Jesus.

Seeking…Sharing… Serving… Caring

St. Andrew’s Vision

God is calling us to continue and deepen our commitment to intentional spiritual worship, to faith formation for all ages and to offer our heart-felt assistance to those in need.

St. Andrew’s Core Values

Several years ago St. Andrew’s went through a discernment process to identify our core values. Our core values are:

  • Camaraderie

  • Shared, Consultative Leadership

  • A dynamic Faith that reaches out

  • Open to Learning

  • Wise Stewardship

God’s 20/20 vision for St. Andrew’s

St. Andrew’s developed its 20/20 Vision in 2012-13. The 20/20 Vision undergirded the sale of the former church building, establishing the Regional Ministries initiative and programming, setting up the St. Andrew’s Centre and the joint Sunday Worship services with Deer Park United Church
Liberate the Legacy – Transform ‘bricks and mortar’ into ministries that are relevant to current and emerging needs.
Develop Shared Ministries with Partner Churches
  • Optimize resources by consolidating similar programs and offering regionally
  • Create critical mass and new energy around key ministries
  • Create new ministries beyond the capability of any single congregation
St. Andrew’s remains a vibrant congregation following Jesus;
  • We continue to be the St. Andrew’s Church Family
  • We become the catalyst to grow United Church ministries in South Calgary

 Regional Ministries

The Regional Ministries developed new Vision and Mission Statements for the Regional Initiative – approved Jan 2017.
“As we live the Gospel, we provide opportunities for people in the Calgary area to connect with, grow and live out their faith.”
“We are a catalyst for growth through partnerships and new ministries”.