Connections Ministry

St. Andrew’s United Church is a Community that Cares!

To remind all of us of the pastoral care and support available, we encourage you to read and keep this note handy. Please remember, you are not alone.

Pastoral care is an ancient practice of emotional and spiritual support that can be found in all cultures and traditions. In our modern times, pastoral care happens when an individual (or group) supports others in their pain, loss and anxiety, and also in times of triumph, joy and celebration.

St. Andrew’s United Church is a Community that Cares!

We are a community that celebrates with you in times of joy, and cares for you in times of need. We are here for you.
Through our Connections Ministry, everyone is welcome to connect to and reconnect with our ministry of caring. For example, you may wish to reach out to us at times of: Personal or family crisis; distress, loneliness, difficulty coping with life events such as job loss, illness, bereavement; if you are uncertain and require information or clarification about an issue concerning St. Andrew’s United Church; Celebration – we want to be with you to celebrate good news, seasons of light and delight, and God’s blessings for your life

Pastoral Care is offered in several ways at St. Andrew’s United Church:

  • Pastoral Care is provided by our Staff Team in various forms to individuals and families within our community of faith. This is done via phone calls, visiting in-home or hospital, emails, text messages, or on a more casual basis throughout the week. Staff are also available for emergency pastoral care should a need arise.
  • Our Prayer Shawl Ministry provides prayer shawls on behalf of our church community to celebrate and support people in their life journeys. These prayer shawls are knit with love from members of our community of faith, and available to all. If you know someone who could use a prayer shawl, please let us know, we are happy to deliver one, or give it to you to share with another.
  • Through our thoughtful Card Ministry, caring cards are sent on behalf of our church community to celebrate and support people in their life journeys. Cards are sent to offer sympathy, well wishes, get well soon greetings, prayers and other celebrations. If you know someone who could use a card, please let our ministerial staff know.
  • The fourth Thursday of each month (with the exception of July and August) we gather for Connections Lunch. This lunch is hosted by volunteers of St. Andrew’s Community of Faith and is a free-will offering. All are invited and welcome, come as you are, with your family, or bring a friend. Share a meal with us and enjoy the community.
  • We believe in the power of prayer and through our Prayer Ministry, a group of individuals offer prayers of hope, health, healing, support and encouragement. Prayer requests can be added to the Prayers of the People which is shared during worship, and/or on the Private Prayer List, which is confidential and discretion will be exercised in an effort to respect the privacy of people for whom prayers are being offered. If you know someone who would benefit from being added to the list, or if you wish to be a ‘prayer’, and receive the Private Prayer List, please contact Rev. Hillary.
  • Pastoral Care naturally takes place through Members Connections with one another. This is when members simply reach out to individuals in our community of faith by providing a friendly connection. This is done through individual phone calls, naturally through coffee hour and touching base with one another.
If you or someone you know from our Community of Faith requires support through any of our Connections Ministry: Congregational and Pastoral Care, please contact Rev. Hillary or Lisa Penzo.
Lisa Penzo
Children & Family Minister
Connections Ministry