Caravan Crew 2018

It is with great enthusiasm, that we introduce you to our new team for Camp Caravan 2018. We are excited for these new faces to bring new games, enthusiasm and love to Camp Caravan.


We are excited to welcome Elizabeth Gray back as Camp Caravan Coordinator.  Elizabeth, a Mount Royal University graduate with an English Major / Management and Marketing Minor, and recently married, is looking forward to all the fun and outdoor activities that Calgary has to offer in Summer 2017, as Canada celebrates turning 150!

With over 11 years’ experience working with summer camps and after school programs, Elizabeth is thrilled to come back for another year to build long lasting, positive memories with new and returning campers. Elizabeth believes it’s important to create programs that instill a passion for play, while providing building blocks for creating a healthy child, and someday, a healthy adult – something she knows her and her team will be able to provide all children this summer.

To her, “Following the Spirit”, is living life in humble integrity.  Living each day to its fullest, being present in the moment and finding the opportunities to find good in all moments, people and things – whether good or bad, positive or negative.

Elizabeth is excited to be part of a camp that allows her to combine play, spirituality and community into one program, as well as building children up and fostering an environment of friendship, happiness and fun!

Jill Cowan

Going into her final year of her under graduate degree in Political Science, Jill’s long-term goal is to become a lawyer. This past year Jill has spent time traveling the world, including her most recent two-month adventure to Europe. Jill draws inspiration from seeing people’s kindness in action. She always strives to be a positive force in the world and treats everyone she comes across with kindness and compassion. When not at work, you can find Jill in her natural element with her two cats and a good book. When she does decide to emerge from her crazy cat lady dwelling, you may be able to spot her at an all you can eat sushi buffet!
‘Following the Spirit’ to Jill means showing kindness to everyone and everything while sharing positivity to the world.
Jill can’t wait to have fun all over the city this summer while growing spiritually at Camp Caravan!