Camp Caravan, 2021 FREE At-Home Family Program

As many of you know, we have made the difficult decision to not run an in-person camp this year. We are excited to offer this FREE at-home family camp program for the next six weeks. We are hoping to be back to our regular summer Camp Caravan program next year. Have a fabulous summer!

Summer of Kindness
Spiritual practices, prayer and activities for faith formation, wherever you may be.

Summer is upon us! We live in extraordinary times that require flexibility, playfulness and kindness.

That’s what we hope this resource and time together with your family is for you – flexibility that ignites a playful spirit as we practice kindness. Each week contains five parts: Hear, Wonder, Pray, Play, Act. You can hear the bible story adapted from “Growing in God’s Love” (or read it yourself from your own Bible), wonder together about the story, offer a short prayer, play a fun game of activity, and then choose an act of kindness (or a few) from the Bingo Sheet! Who can get BINGO first!?!

Choose which parts bring you and your loved ones joy: if that’s just the Bible stories, that’s great! If it’s the Bingo Sheet, got for it! Hear us – whatever you do, during these extraordinary times, it is good and enough!

Blessings to you!

CLICK HERE for Kindness Bingo

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