August 27, 2021

Greetings to the good and faithful of St. Andrew’s and Deer Park communities of faith,

The Re-Opening Committee met this past week to review current protocols in place for Sunday worship.

Many thanks to the staff and volunteers – attendance registrars, worship planners, ushers, cleaners, musicians, readers and tech staff – who have come together during August to offer a safe and accessible in-person worship experience. It is also through the efforts of our staff and volunteers that we continue to be blessed to worship together online. How fortunate we are that we are able to gather in ways old and new that allow us to stay connected to one another and in communion with the Holy.

Know that whether you join us online or in the sanctuary, your prayerful presence is a gift.

As we go forward into September, a decision has been made to continue to offer in person worship using the original AHS Stage One guidelines which include:

  • registering to attend,
  • attendance capped at 72 persons (15% of maximum occupancy)
  • masking and social distancing while in building
  • no choral or congregational singing
  • sanitation

The Re-Opening Committee is confident that even with the spread of the Delta variant, the measures in place keep all safe who attend in-person worship. We ask for your help in this important work by not only respecting all guidance when in the building but also by getting your first and second vaccinations against the Covid-19 virus.

There will be a review of measures and possible steps forward at end of September. Until that time, please continue to join us for worship either in-person or online. We welcome your feedback on your worship experience. We have already heard that some folks were experiencing difficulty registering for service. Effective immediately, if you are unable to register through the offices, you may contact one of the ministers:

Office – Emma                                              403-278-8263

Office – Jennifer                       403-259-4080    

Reverend Hillary            

Pastor Cindy                                            

We are so grateful for all your continued support in going forward as a community of faith committed to gathering together to worship God and to sharing the good news.


Jocelyn Gelinas, Deer Park United Church Council Chair

John Palmer, St. Andrew’s United Church Council Chair

Donna Betts, Re-Opening Committee Representative for St. Andrew’s United Church

Anne Morgan, Re-Opening Committee Representative for Deer Park United Church