January 29, 2021

Dear members and adherents of the St. Andrews and Deer Park United Communities of Faith 

We are writing to you today to update you on the joint Amalgamation Steering Committee (“ASC”) progress and encourage you to continue to provide your input and feedback as we develop our recommendations.

Even though CoVid has changed the way we communicate, the ASC has been working diligently,

  • meeting on a regular basis & holding Zoom workshop sessions
  • reviewing and developing recommendations on the many aspects that will need to be addressed to help ensure a successful amalgamation

Here is a link to an ASC update presentation given to a Joint council meeting on Dec 1, 2021.  CLICK HERE

There is a lot of work to do yet and we want to get more input and feedback from you, the members of our Communities of Faith.

Based on Reverend Hillary returning from her maternity leave at the beginning of June and Reverend Tom’s retirement on June 30th 2021, the ASC has established the following goals and “target” timelines:

Now through May

  • continue to develop our recommendations
  • get additional input and feedback from the Communities of Faith. – Keep your eyes out!!

End of May

  • Issue a draft Amalgamation Report for review by our staff and the Communities of Faith
    • For your information, Areas to be included in the report are shown below.

June through Oct.

  • Based on the draft Amalgamation Report, solicit additional feedback from staff and Communities of Faith


  • Issue Amalgamation report – supporting:
    • Recommendations
    • Amalgamation Motion to be voted on

Late Oct. or early Nov.

  • Two communities of faith individually vote on whether or not to Amalgamate, as supported by the Amalgamation Report and its recommendations.

January 1, 2022 – if Amalgamation is approved, New Community of Faith officially starts its journey together.

We will continue to reach out to our two Communities of Faith to provide you with regular updates and to solicit additional input and feedback from you.

One of the first things we will be doing in early February, is to ask for suggestions for a name for the New Community of Faith (something completely new!) if we decide to proceed with amalgamation. Put your thinking caps on!

If you have any questions, thoughts or other feedback as we work towards making an amalgamation recommendation please send them by email to either John Palmer or Jan van Egteren or send a letter format to either the St. Andrew’s or Deer Park office.

We look forward to continuing this journey with our two Communities of Faith


Amalgamation Steering Committee Co-chairs

John Palmer & Jan van Egteren

Amalgamation Report 

Draft Table of Contents

  • Intro/History Summary of Initiative
    • History of 2 Communities of Faith and the decision to worship together
    • Decision to Explore Amalgamation  
  • Executive Summary and Recommendations
    • Motion to Amalgamate
    • Recommendations for moving forward as a new Community of Faith
  • Vision, Mission, (values etc.) for the new Community of Faith
    • Preliminary
    • Revisit at some point after amalgamation
    • Statements and what they mean
  • Name for New Community of Faith
    • Totally new name
    • Legal change requirements
    • Signage Changes, Media Changes – letter head, social media etc., New logo
  • Ministries and Programs
    • Current – with description – scope, members involve leadership & other requirements
    • Opportunities – consolidation, new, suggestions on how to follow-up
    • St. Andrew’s Regional Ministries — continuing these ministries  
  • Community of Faith information
    • Stats – members, adherents, households, demographics
    • Other
  • Stewardship & Financial Overview
    • Combined financial assets and liabilities
    • Notional Budgets – income & expenses
    • Transition Requirements
    • Financial management recommendations
    • Stewardship recommendations
  • Communication Recommendations/considerations
    • Office and other administration
    • Website(s)
    • (E) Mail outs
    • Social Media
    • Worship/Ministries/Programs support
  • Staffing needs/considerations – includes job descriptions with key interfaces
    • Initial and transition
      • Ministry Staff (ordered, diaconal, DLM)
      • Program/Ministries Staff
      • Administration and Communications
  • Facilities Requirements
    • Short Term Deer Park Church and St. Andrew’s Centre until Oct 31, 2023 (end of lease)
    • Future considerations – Longer term planning – post amalgamation
  • Governance Structure
    • “Council” Make up
    • Governance Guidelines & interface with programs ministries
    • Transition Recommendations
  • Honouring and Celebrating our history’s