Kerby Centre Information Services

Every Friday, a staff person from The Kerby Centre’s Information Services is at St. Andrew’s Centre helping seniors find a clear path through bureaucratic paperwork.
    While I’ve had an inkling that this partnership between Kerby and St. Andrew’s Regional Ministries provides an invaluable resource to South Calgary seniors, I recently experienced Information Services’ amazing expertise first-hand.
After a long hospital stay, my Dad moved into long term care. As a family, we needed to re-look at Mom and Dad’s finances in relation to their now needing two separate residences. My Mom and I sat down with the Kerby Centre staff person with my parents’ income tax returns from the last two years and relevant documentation such as birth certificates. The staff person knew what forms needed to be filled out and how. He knew what questions needed to be asked of government representatives and at which telephone numbers to use to ask the questions.
Our family is very grateful for the assistance of Kerby Centre Information Services in helping us better understand what first seemed like a paperwork wilderness.

Below is a list of what Information Services can help with:
• Information on Seniors’ Government Services and Benefits
• Information about Community Resources
• Commissioner for Oaths
• Assistance filling out forms including Alberta Seniors Benefit; Special Needs Assistance; Old Age Security/GIS; Canada Pension Plan, etc.

You can access Kerby’s Information Services at St. Andrew’s Centre on Fridays from 9 am to 3 pm or call 403-705-3246 and book an appointment at their downtown location.