Tickets for the April 25, 2020 Concert with Grass-Blue are now on sale.

Tickets are $25 each and include dessert. Performance held at St. Andrew’s Centre (1, 10601 Southport Rd SW). Doors open at 7 pm. Concert starts at 7:30 pm.

You can purchase tickets for the Grass-Blue event below. Tickets are also available in-person at St. Andrew’s Centre on weekdays during office hours or after worship on Sunday mornings at Deer Park Church.

A bit about Grass-Blue Band

 “The Grass-Blue Band coalesce around a sweet acoustic sound and a joyful approach to singing that engulfs the audience.

Add together the dazzling mandolin from Kathy Cook; the lightning, flat-picking and percussive rhythmic guitar from Craig Aikman; the funky, fabulous-clarinet of Cedric Blary; the entrepreneurial banjo of Brian Fukushima, the heartbeat with Renay Eng-Fisher on Bass and you have the makings of one hot bluegrass band.

But wait! Not just bluegrass! The Grass-Blue band turn their talents to any number of genres, with enough panache, to make you a fan of all of them. Part country, part folk, all energy and all enthusiasm! They will delight you”

Cédric Blary’s musical career has split his focus in many directions, from Andean music to jazz clarinet and a cappella singing. He is a member of the award-winning a cappella quartet, Heebie-Jeebies as he is unable to memorize lyrics, he mostly sings nonsense syllables in a range usually reserved for pigeons. Cédric has sung in many choirs, played in many bands and continues to eat, drink and breathe music (which explains his slender build). He is the band’s pitch-piper, principal bass, backseat navigator and resident punster.

He has been performing on a variety of wind instruments for over 25 years. He has a B.MUS degree in clarinet performance from the University of Calgary and a Diploma from Mount Royal College (now University). He has played in orchestras accompanying Diana Krall, Marvin Hamlisch and as a sub/extra with the Calgary Philharmonic and Red Deer Symphony orchestras. Chamber collaborations have included The Rubbing Stone Ensemble, New Works Calgary and regular appearances at the Mountain View International Festival of Chamber Music and Song.

Cédric is also an avid jazz musician and has been featured in the University of Calgary’s Monday Night Jazz series. He has appeared as a soloist with the Prime-Time Big Band and with Alberta Winds performing the Alberta première of Black Dog by Scott McAllister. He joins the June Bugs for some of their upcoming shows.

Craig Aikman: With roots originally from small town Saskatchewan, where he took up the trumpet at age 9, Craig Aikman’s interest and curiosity for singing, song writing and guitar playing led him to Alberta. Witnessing the 2013 flood and its aftermath and his experiences watching his daughter grow are a few of Craig’s writing inspirations. Leading vocals with his dynamic band of brothers, Zoo Lion, and contributing harmonies, banjo and guitar to Calgary’s folk and roots group, Northern Beauties is how Craig spent the greater part of the last decade. Through these and other projects Craig enthusiastically dedicates his passion and creativity to writing, recording, performing and touring both locally and internationally.

Kathy Cook: They say she can bend strings faster than the Sundance Kid can pull his gun! Calgary’s own Kathy Cook is a multi-instrumentalist playing mandolin and guitar. Her sultry vocals and song writing abilities have won her praise with the James Keelaghan trio, Jenny Allen, Ruth Purves-Smith, Tim Williams, Ralph Boyd-Johnson, Rose Hip, and Wilf Carter.

Brian Fukushima: A long-standing member of the bluegrass community and a member of the Prairies Edge Bluegrass Band.  He is also a Director of the Foothills Bluegrass Music Society.

Renay Eng-Fisher: Active in the bluegrass music scene in Alberta for many years, she has performed in various ensembles with artists such as Bill Keith, Ivan Rosenberg, Jay Buckwold, Gordie Sadler, Terry Kruger, Chris Jones, Sally Jones, Steve Seskin and with her husband, Steve Fisher. Her strong acoustic bass playing sets the groove for the June Bugs while her passion for musical collaboration and creation has helped bring solid originals and unique harmony arrangements to the group. She penned two news songs for the June Bugs CD, Little White Lies, and co-wrote with Sandy Hirth for Enough’s Enough.

Renay is also a Children’s book author and wrote Ocean Adventures of Akai and Mamoo. She also produced an accompany CD for the book called, Everybody’s World, which features 16 original songs written and performed by award winning Canadian, American and Spanish artists along with 13 chamber orchestra musicians from the Red Deer Symphony orchestra under the direction of Claude Lapalme. 

Says Renay, “If one song strikes a passionate chord in someone, and instils environmental values, a healthy respect for animals and an understanding of the necessity for biodiversity, the earth will have won a friend.” She was the Royal Roads University Alumni 2014 Award recipient for her humanitarian and Environmental work.