Arlene Lai

Arlene Lai

After speaking up for herself and others, St. Andrew’s Arlene Lai is now involved in offering sensitivity training to new Calgary Transit Access drivers. Arlene led her first session this past week on Thursday, August 15.

Arlene’s involvement in Calgary Transit Drivers’ training came about after she phoned Calgary Transit In late June.  Arlene had encountered a situation where a Calgary Transit Access driver referred to her as a ‘good girl’ and said that he was her friend. Arlene informed the driver that she was not a girl and that he was the driver, not her friend. She said she did not appreciate being treated as if she was a child. Arlene Lai has cerebral palsy.

Repeating to herself the Serenity Prayer, again and again, Arlene chose to telephone Calgary Transit about her experience and asked to be involved in drivers’ sensitivity training.

It turned out that Calgary Transit’s training manager, Sean Breakspear, is a former driver for Handibus who knows Arlene. Breakspear got in contact with Arlene and asked her to be part of training new drivers.

While understandably nervous as she went into her presentation, Arlene later wrote on Facebook: “I killed it!! The trainer was super impressed with the PowerPoint and whole presentation!! I even mentioned stuff that he wanted to ask me about before he got the chance to ask!! The drivers even threw questions at me and how they should respond if this or that situation occurred!!”

You can learn more from Arlene’s PowerPoint Presentation cta2