Update on February 6:
With an extreme cold weather forecast for Saturday February 9, 2019, we have decided to postpone our anniversary celebration event until Springtime.
Please stay tuned for more information.
For now, bundle up and keep warm!

We’ve reached a new Summit! It’s five years since St. Andrew’s United Church stepped beyond the boundaries St. Andrew's We've reached a new summitof a building to offer wider ministry in Calgary and beyond. Join us for an evening of celebrating on Saturday, February 9 at 4 pm at St. Andrew’s Centre.

Our theme, “We’ve reached a new Summit” does mean that we’ve reached a new milestone — five years of new ministry in multiple forms!
But “We’ve reached a new Summit” means a lot more!
Summits or mountains were often the locations in the Bible where people had significant experiences of God acting in their lives. It was on summits or mountains that people such as Moses and even Jesus had significant experiences of God that changed their lives and subsequently prompted them into ministries that have shaped our own lives down through the generations.
It is in the life and ministry of St. Andrew’s and also of the Regional Ministries, that many of us have had significant experiences of God and been prodded to undertake serving God in new ways.

Join us to celebrate God’s continuing to act in our lives and in that of St. Andrew’s and the Regional Ministries. We’re planning an evening of fun trivia games, lively talks and music. Dinner will be served.

Please RSVP to Andrew at St. Andrew’s via email or call 403-259-4080.

St. Andrew's 5th Anniversary of New Ministry