The Big Picture On February 3 in worship, we unveiled The Big Picture — a new fundraising initiative from both Deer Park and St. Andrew’s Church Councils.
Note on March 8: The Big Picture Fundraiser wraps up on this Sunday, March 10. Your last opportunity to take an envelope.
The Big Picture is covered with individual envelopes with a dollar amount written on the outside, from $1-$300. EVERYONE is invited to take an envelope of their choosing, and fill it with the amount of money that is written on the outside. You are asked to fill out the back so a tax receipt for your gift can be given.
With each donation, a new piece of the larger picture will be revealed. When all envelopes are taken, we will all see The Big Picture.

All proceeds raised will be split 50/50 between St. Andrew’s and Deer Park and after each envelope is taken, a total of over $45 000 will be raised!!

The Big Picture Fundraiser will be available at both St. Andrew’s Centre and Deer Park Church.
If you would like to donate to The Big Picture fundraiser but cannot make it to either location, please call 403-259-4080.
St. Andrew’s United Church and Deer Park United Church entered into a partnership of shared Sunday morning worship and ministry 5 years ago. Throughout the 5 years, our Sunday worship has grown, our Spirit Singers continue to bless us with music ministry, the Kids in Action program has expanded and our youth program continues to blossom. Both of our congregations — each with its own unique weekday ministries — are thriving and living into the ministry of Christ.