Fair Trade Calgary – Raising Fairtrade Awareness – Helping People Make Helpful Purchasing Choices.

The image below helps people who like their purchases to really matter:

On Sunday, November 25, Ken Kernaghan will be sharing what he has learned about Fairtrade International certification. The coffee on November 25thwill be Fairtrade certified and Ken will be available to answer questions about Fairtrade certification.

You can learn more about this global organization by checking out the websites for Fairtrade International and its Canadian association Fairtrade Canada.

Ken is a member of the Fair Trade Calgary, a group of volunteers promoting Fairtrade Awareness in Calgary. Their hope is to increase Fairtrade activity to get Calgary to qualify as a Fair Trade Town.

Choosing a Fairtrade International certified product is an act of charity that you can enjoy, confident that your choice helps make good things happen in developing nations.

Buying Fairtrade International certified products helps sustainably improve lives in developing nations. Everyone involved in the supply chain is audited to ensure that the farmers and workers get a fair portion of the price you pay.

It can be hard for consumers to know what happens to make the product they buy. There is a steady stream of reports about poor treatment of workers or environmental harm in developing nations because of a lack of transparency in the supply chain that produces and delivers what a consumer buys.

When you buy a product with the Fairtrade International certification you can be sure people have been confirming that good practices are supported with the money you spend.

In addition to looking for the logo when shopping for things like coffee, tea, and chocolate, you can do the following:

  • Enjoy coffee at A&W (they serve Van Houtte Fairtrade certified coffee)
  • Enjoy Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream (It is a treat you can really feel good about)
  • At Starbucks check the bags of beans for sale and if they have a Fairtrade certified option ask the barista if they can make your coffee with the Fairtrade certified beans.
  • Check the Fair Trade Goods on the Fair Trade Calgary website