It was October 2, 2018 and we received our first big snow fall of the season. I am sure this was on very few peoples wish list as for many of us, signs of winter aren’t welcome until November…if not later. If you watched the news you saw the ‘mess’ that this un-welcomed snowfall brought; the delays on the roads, car accidents, turned buses, and a few slips and falls. I saw many Facebook posts expressing the frustration, sadness, and even anger in this un-welcomed surprise. Folks weren’t ready yet for winter, and I can’t say I was either. We think of all the preparation that comes for the season; winter tires, snow suits, hats and mitts, winter boots, snow shovels and salt, preparing the garden and stocking the freezer. For many of us, we weren’t there yet.









But I have to say, despite the delays that came with this snow-fall (particularly on the road) and the feeling of being unprepared, there is beauty. When we open our eyes we can see the bright blue sky that reminds us of our incredible potential, the vast greatness of our world. When we open our eyes we can see the crisp white shiny snow, reminding us of the new opportunities that each day brings. When we open our eyes we can see trees, grass, flowers and grounds covered in snow, reminding us that God covers us too with the love, peace, grace and strength we need in our living.

As the hymn in Voices United stated (VU #371) “Open my eyes that I may see glimpses of truth thou hast for me; place in my hands the wonderful key that shall unclasp and set me free.”

So under the toques and scarves and winter coats, in the traffic and delayed transit systems, as you shovel the path and scrape car windows, I invite you to open your eyes and see the beauty, open your eyes and see God.