Friday, August 17 update: Due to the forest fires in BC, the Youth Pilgrims are remaining in Calgary and will wrap up their time together over this weekend. Thank you to St. Andrew’s volunteers who have stepped forward to help in hosting and providing meals.

This week St. Andrews United Church has the amazing opportunity to host the General Council Pilgrims. This is a group of 12 youth and 2 adult leaders who are employed by the General Council and are pilgrimaging across Canada. They began their journey in Newfoundland, and complete their journey this upcoming Sunday in BC. As they journey they are sharing their experience and knowledge from General Council, and really exploring the country; learning more about local issues and gaining a better understanding of regional differences and changes within our church. They are listening to the needs across Canada, listening to the Spirit’s direction, and when they return to their individual conferences, will be sharing their experience with others.

Yesterday they arrived in Calgary and were greeted at the airport by folks from St. Andrew’s. We are so grateful for Living Spirit United Church that graciously opened their space so the pilgrims have a place to sleep/eat & shower, and for all the St. Andrew’s folks who will be assisting them along their journey. Today the pilgrims are set off to explore Calgary with a photo scavenger hunt. They will make their way to St. Thomas UC, where Rev. Justin McNeill will greet them and host them for dinner. Later tonight I have the privilege of leading Spiritual Practices for the youth at St. Thomas. They will make their way back to Living Spirit and be tucked in for the night.

Wednesday the youth are hearing about ministries happening here in Calgary. The morning will be spent at Hillhurst UC and the afternoon the pilgrims will be here at St. Andrew’s Centre. This will be an opportunity for them to hear our story and the amazing ministries we offer within our community of faith and within St. Andrew’s Regional. They will also be participating in a drum circle led by Campus Ministries. In the evening the pilgrims will be making signs for Pride Week and Thursday they hop on bus and travel to Naramata Centre where they will wrap up their journey.

They pilgrims have shared their experiences as they travel from coast to coast on the Facebook Page

We are excited to welcome them here in Calgary and share our ministry with them! Please continue to hold them in your prayers this final week of their journey