Pam Rocker, Sweet Tooth, Affirming ConnectionsUp until September 3, you can enjoy The Rocker ice cream at Sweet Tooth Ice Cream in Calgary and benefit Affirming Connections also!

“Sweet Tooth Ice Cream approached me to create a Pride Week ice cream flavour, of which a portion of the proceeds would go to the LGBTQ organization of my choice, says Pam Rocker, Director of Affirming Connections. “I pitched them Affirming Connections and they agreed! So I created The Rocker and they are now selling it in their two locations! This has gained some great community traction and it’s exciting to get to blend Pride and Affirming in such a fun and public way. Outside of whatever funds may be raised, it’s a great witness to the work we are doing and the positive impact we can make of the love of God that is available to all.”

Here’s what Sweet Tooth is saying on Instagram: “We are collaborating with Pam Rocker, one of Calgary’s top 40 under 40. She is an LGBTQ2S+ activist, award-winning writer, spoken word poet, musician, speaker, and Director of Affirming Connections. Our Calgary Pride’s rolled ice cream, The Rocker, our loud and proud cotton candy rolled with cotton candy flavouring topped with whip, cotton candy, rainbow sprinkles and a pride flag! Available at both our Chinatown and 17th Ave locations. A portion of our sales for this flavour will be donated towards Affirming Connections non-profit. Affirming Connections works with LGBTQ2S+ individuals and allies to strengthen inclusive faith communities and engaging in dialogue with individuals who are seeking to reconcile their faith and identity.”

The Rocker ice cream is a fun way to celebrate Pride and support Affirming Connections. Check out Sweet Tooth YYC