Thank you, Jim KenneyRev. Jim Kenney wraps up his time with St. Andrew’s around Thursday, June 28. His last Sunday Worship with St. Andrew’s and Deer Park will be June 17. A special celebration will be held with cake following worship on that day.  When Jim came to St. Andrew’s in early 2017, it was thought his term would be six months to a year. Instead it’s been nearly a year and a half! Thank you, Jim!
We have many reasons to be thankful to God for Jim.  Donna Betts and I asked a few people to write down some of their thanksgivings. We are sharing a few of these now and will have several more to add next week. We would also love to add your thanksgivings to God for Jim’s time with St. Andrew’s. Please send these to Shelley and your comments will be included next week!    Shelley Den Haan, Communications

I have taken several of Jim’s workshops and have come away each time with new and fresh ideas to think about in relationship to life, scripture and my personal faith journey.  For this I am inspired and thankful.  May God be with Jim as he goes on his way.
Dorothy Block

Wow, Jim! How can St. Andrew’s thanks you enough for all the work and guidance you have given this congregation?
First, you were only to be with us for six months to a year and ended up being with us for close to 18 months.  You were a beacon of light supporting us all the way to live out our vision.  You made pastoral care an important part of your time here. Starting with making a visit to Betty Cameron in your first days here and ending with the huge job of phoning all members to find out their needs.  In all the meeting I was a part of and even in your sermons you made our vision clear to any one present.  Finding new ways to meet the worship needs or being community of all was also key to living out our vision: All ages advents, worship times throughout the week, camping, canoeing and just being there to talk too.  I know I will miss you and you have done. You have made sure this council and congregation has stayed true to our vision and then made sure things are in place for Hillary.  Words are not enough to say thanks for all you have done but know in our hearts, heads and faith you have touched everyone here in so many positive ways. As a congregation we would have be lost without you. Thanks for being our beacon of light in so many ways.
Karen Decoux, Chair of Council

I’m thankful forJim taking us on because he stepped up to the plate right away to understand St. Andrew’s and start the work on helping to strengthen the foundation that we are building for a vibrant and sustainable congregation. Everything from:
strengthening the connections with our seniors to
looking for new ways to connect with our congregation to
helping us update our vision, mission and faith statements to
working on visioning for the future of St. Andrew’s
to coordinating the phone fan out
to helping with Hillary’s transition in as our new coordinating minister
He has helped us take some of the steps forward that we needed to make. I think that one of the biggest thank you’s that we can give Jim will be to move forward on our journey.  John Palmer

I am thankful for Jim’s time with us for several reasons and in no particular order:
– he always had time to chat with people
– his forward thinking ideas of what the church can be in the future
– his willingness to try new things
– his blogs that challenged us
his wealth of experience
Merle Ann May, Chair, Regional Ministries Management Committee

I have very much appreciated Jim for three big things:
• his compassionate readiness to build new relationships with people at St. Andrew’s and elsewhere, and the dedicated pastoral care work he has done to help knit St. Andrew’s participants together more closely over the past 18 months;
• Jim has also impressed me with his readiness to just “jump in” and try things- notably his blog articles for St. Andrew’s website and e-newsletter, his experimenting for new program ideas, and the outdoor programs he has initiated. Watching Jim courageously move ahead with his ideas has been refreshing!
• Jim’s stories, which usually have more than a few twists and turns in the course of making a firm connection to ministry and mission realities all around us.
Thank you Jim!
Joel Den Haan, Director, Regional Ministries

I am thankful for Jim because he knew what he wanted and he took the job of getting this congregation on track seriously. He helped the staff learn to communicate better with each other and the council and really strived to help each of us by making our jobs easier in any way that he could. He was not just a minister and a leader but a co-worker as well.
 Andrew Davies-Scott, Office Administrator

I am thankful for Jim’s time because he is a “do-er”.  He started working the minute he turned up at St.Andrew’s and kept going for 18 months. He also never let the fact that his position was temporary effect how much effort he put in, the leadership he showed to the council and the congregation or the projects he took on himself and encouraged us to consider.  I am also thankful for all of Jim’s efforts at pastoral care and how he worked to restore that function at St.Andrew’s from day one. Finally, at the few events I attended with Jim I was impressed by how he “worked the room” and knew everyone so well within a short period of time.
Heather Campbell, Treasurer

St. Andrew’s United Church was lucky to find Rev. Jim Kenney. It is not easy to serve as an interim minister, but Jim has handled this position capably for us for the past 1 ½ years. Jim’s life and church experiences added to the discussions in the Church in Community and Council meetings. He was always interested in trying new ventures and activities for St. Andrew’s. Thanks for sharing your time and suggestions and wisdom with us, Jim. Happy trails.
Marion Wolff on behalf of the Church in Community Crew

I appreciated Jim’s ability and commitment to leaving St. Andrew’s as a growing congregation – doing all those things he saw as being needed.
Carle Duguid, Chair, Stewardship and Finance

I am thankful to God for Jim arriving when he did and bringing all the passion and energy he had to St Andrews. He jumped in with both feet and tired to fix so many things. He was there for us as long as we needed him and was 100% committed to St Andrews and all our dreams and wishes. He had these great ideas and wasn’t afraid to share them. He never seemed to give up . I always felt he had our best interests at heart. I feel that St Andrews and all its people need to be very thankful to God for sending Jim to us just when we needed him.
Robin Reboul, Secretary, Council

Among Jim’s qualities at this transition period for St.Andrew’s cite his welcoming and approachable manner. He attempted to challenge us and our level of commitments. Experimenting with new programs testing our interest and extending our reach beyond ourselves into the broader community, both church and not.
He preached inclusive attitudes to test our flexibility beyond the tradition boxes we might prefer to live in,,,, to risk and extend our interests which provide growth into rewarding horizons. How can we as we age keep resilient and open.
The journey with Jim and Bonnie has been rewarding and we wish him new opportunities feeling that his messages have been beneficial and of permanent value.
Trudi and George Steber  

Thank you to Jim
for guiding the ship
and Canoe
with your many talents
Keep up your journey

Libby Brownell