Top leadership of most organizations share a few common qualities. Carey Nieuwhof, part of leadership team for a large church, Connexus, in Barrie Ontario with satellite churches in Orillia and Midland, posts  blogs about leadership and church growth.  His theology is quite conservative, different from mine, but he shares with me the desire to help communities of faith be more effective in delivering ministry to unchurched people.  One blog this week was on the qualities of the leaders he described as the top 200 religious leaders.  The following is a brief extract of that blog.

Seven Characteristics of the 200 Top Religious Leaders

1.  They show up on time.

2.  They do their homework.

3.   They call you by name.

4.  They are okay at not being good at everything.

5.  They follow through, fast.

6.  They take their work, not themselves, seriously.

7.  They’re incredibly down to earth.

To condense these further, top leaders care about and respect co-workers and the people they serve.  They love them enough to do much of what is needed to help them feel respected and loved.  They put their mission ahead of their own egos.  Being human, they may not perfectly fit all 7 of these characteristics, but they come close.  My greatest weakness is probably 5, following through fast.

I hope this simple list will help others as they help me in focusing on basics that are important to effective leadership.  Cheers.