St. Andrew’s United Church has voted to call Hillary MacDonald as Coordinating Minister, effective June 24, 2018 and pending approval of Calgary Presbytery later this month.  This introduction of Hillary MacDonald was written by Donna Betts who presented the Search Committee’s recommendation at Sunday’s congregational meeting on April 8. Also below is a video that Hillary put together for people to view following the vote on Sunday’s meeting.

Hillary MacDonald    Hillary MacDonald comes to us from Southwestern Ontario where she is a student minister in the final
stages of fulfilling the requirements for Ordination in the United Church of Canada. The final item for her to be ordained is for her to obtain a call to a congregation and this call to St. Andrew’s will fulfill that requirement.
In the letter that accompanied her resume she writes:
“As a recent graduate from Atlantic School of Theology and ordinand, I bring a fresh perspective and new energy to ministry. I am passionate about caring for all members of the faith community. Pastoral care, the spiritual life and growth of the community of faith are extremely important and I bring gifts of compassion, sincerity, and deep listening.
“I have a strong commitment to the United Church of Canada and bring experience from the many governing bodies of the church. I share a strong commitment to social justice, outreach and living Christ’s mission in the world.”
Yes, she’s young. However, despite her young age Hillary comes with quite a bit of experience both within the congregational setting and larger church. During her internship of the last year she has been doing all the things a minister does: leading two weekly worship services, performing funeral services and visiting the bereaved, providing spiritual care to those in need, preparing and leading small groups and engaging the congregation about missions at home and abroad.  She does have an off-site supervisor but day-to-day she’s on her own. For two years previous to entering her internship Hillary was doing Pulpit Supply at various churches getting experience working with different congregations’ staffs and meeting with folks and leading worship for the various congregations.
On the larger church stage, Hillary has been very involved with the Go Project for children and youth, working literally from coast to coast (Newfoundland to British Columbia – St. John’s to Vancouver) in differing capacities for the last seven years. She has participated in four General Councils and has been involved with Rendez Vous and Worship Matters (both large, national church conferences) and for five years sat on the London Conference Aboriginal Rights and Relations Committee, providing a non-aboriginal youth voice, addressing concerns and building relations with Aboriginal peoples.
As well as all this work for the church, Hillary also comes with experience as being volunteer in non-church environments and coordinating volunteers in those settings. All good experience.
Hillary will be with us beginning Sunday, June 24 and will have that last week of June with Rev. Jim Kenney to faciliate transition in ministry leadership. We look forward to Hillary’s arrival, along with her fiancé, Kevin, and to travelling together as we continue to follow the path of Jesus.