I attended a webinar which was a boundaries refresher course for United Church ministers with a focus on the use of social media.  There were many useful parts in the webinar, but there was one near the end about HALT which is very pertinent to making good decisions.

HALT (hungry, angry, lonely, tired) are feelings that easily trip us into making poor decisions, especially decisions regarding boundaries.  We conversed about the importance of caring for ourselves and especially when we were experiencing any of these three.  No matter what we do, I believe it is important to respond when we experience any of these four feelings by stopping doing, if possible, and respond to these feelings before making any important decisions.

It is an important part of loving enough.  In my message this coming Sunday, I am preaching about the importance of loving enough.  It is important to love ourselves enough to take good care of our basic physical and emotional needs so we can function out of the better parts of ourselves.

For people with limited control over having their needs met, it is important to love ourselves enough to care enough about those with the power to make our lives better so we can ask them for what we need in a way that makes it easier for them to help us.

When we love ourselves enough, we can do more for others.  An empty propane cylinder does not support much fire.

On this, another wintry April day, I hope you will be able to love yourself enough to provide for your basic needs so you can add heat and light to the world.