St. Andrew’s Council includes: Chair Karen Decoux (centre) Richard Betts, John Palmer, Donna Betts, Rev. Jim Kenney, Merle Ann May, Treasurer Heather Campbell, Bill Miller, Marion Wolff. Also on Council but not in photo: Carl Duguid, Carol Douglas, Joy Perry, Robin Reboul, George Steber and Mike Sword.

After spending several years examining our situation, vision, mission and goals, St. Andrew’s made a decision to sell our church building to pursue being a new church, a church that better fits the 21st Century. We made our decision to untie ourselves from the traditional church model to be better able to pursue mission. Our Vision 2020 included several parts.

One part was using the net funds from the sale of the building to fund ministry shared regionally.   This was part of St. Andrew’s being a new church.

Other parts included forming a partnership with one congregation to meet our needs for Sunday morning worship as well as forming a variety of partnerships for other kinds of ministry. As an outward looking congregation, St. Andrew’s strongly believed, and believes, in partnerships.

Five years ago, an agreement was made with Deer Park for partnership in Sunday morning worship along with partnerships for Sunday morning children and youth programs. This was another part of St. Andrew’s being a new church.

St. Andrew’s had a partnership with Lakeview for several years for a worship service on the first and third Thursday of each month. It has partnerships with a variety of other churches and agencies pursuing goals that expand our circle of caring and help us provide opportunities for all people in the broader community to discover, grow and live out their faith. These are other parts of St. Andrew’s being a new church.

From the beginning, St. Andrew’s untied itself from beliefs about what made a church as it pursued being a new church, the kind of church needed today and able to easily change to fit the needs of tomorrow’s society.

The members of St. Andrew’s who come to church on Sunday mornings deeply appreciate the partnership we have with Deer Park for Sunday mornings. We also look forward to making other partnerships with Deer Park as those partnerships become desirable. We have partnerships with other churches and agencies for other ministries, and we appreciate those partnerships.

For the foreseeable future, our council is firmly committed to pursuing options for our development as a new kind of church, untied to most ideas about what church is supposed to be, and free to choose potential ministries that fit our vision and mission, building new partnerships as needed.