Post Script: In spite of snowy conditions, we had a good group of folks show up for chili and fun. Looking forward to March 3!)

I hope most people are staying close to home this Saturday.  Road conditions are very poor with many slippery sections and poor visibility.

Our Friendship Olympics are this evening.  It is not a good day to be driving.  I am getting ready for the open house for World Harmony Week also.  I have the chili heating up and will prepare some beverages.  I also have materials for games prepared.

We are thinking about a St. Patrick’s Day Theme for the March event — should have better weather than today.    Some possible names I am considering:  “Green is for Everyone”, “From Shamrocks to Tulips”,  “Springing Green”, “Green Games”, “More Fun Than a March Hare”.  I am sure someone else can come up with a better name.  I would like to include some gardening, games, and art in the event, and perhaps a multicultural theme for the supper.

When we get to the communion part of tomorrow’s service, I suspect many will be thankful for getting to church safely during the Prayer of Thanksgiving.