Reflecting on responses to what I have been doing and looking ahead to the remainder of my time with St. Andrew’s, here are shifts to what I am doing.

I am dropping all my planned discussion groups as the coming of spring seems to be giving people too many other things to do.

The month of June will be mostly spent on ensuring all the digital and paper files in my office and computer are in order and orderly for ready use by the next minister and completing several pastoral care tasks.

If anyone wants a group or event started, it will need to be in later March, April, or May.  In the pastoral visit I made yesterday, it occurred to me that there are many members and friends of St. Andrew’s who have interesting stories to share.  I asked the couple if they thought it would be good to provide opportunities for people to meet, possibly over coffee and other beverages, possibly even lunch, to just share their stories with one another.  They said yes.  If you would like this kind of opportunity, please let me know.  Most of the planning would be done by the people who want to share stories, while I would determine what time and place worked best for people and help them connect to each other.

My main projects for March through May will be completing the phone out/updating of information about members and friends, and making pastoral visits while supporting our communications efforts and our various programs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update.  Jim.