If we are going to have a special trip to the Milk River and Writing-on-Stone Park June 22 to 24, I need your commitments by Monday, April 9.  It normally takes at least 2 months to plan a successful canoe trip for a group of people.

If you are planning to participate in this event, I need your name, contact information, and how many people you expect to be part of your group.  If you have special needs, I will need that information as well.  Participants do not need to be members or friends of St. Andrew’s.

I will be renting a white water canoe from the Outdoor Centre at the University of Calgary for my use.  If others need access to rented canoes and equipment, that can be arranged.  Bonnie and I will be staying in our camper van (new to us last summer).  We have a small tent that I have used for back packing and a large tent we have used other summers, including our first canoeing trip on the Milk River, for our camping plus a camp stove, air mattresses and other gear we would be glad to share.  My hope is that there will be no difficult barriers for most people who would want to participate in this event.  There are potentially several people with more experience than me for canoeing (I have made two extended canoe trips on the Churchill River, one trip on the Milk River, short trips on the Bow and Red Deer river, and lots of lake canoeing).

The event will mix community time at the park with canoeing/kayaking/floating/hiking.

Again, I need to know who is committed to coming by April 9 plus others who would like to but are unable to make a commitment yet.

Thank you,