I am offering the following updated information for the study of Darwin, Divinity and Dance of the Cosmos.  If you have not been part of the discussion, but are still interested in participating, please feel free to join us on Mondays at 7:00 pm at St. Andrew’s Centre.  There are many other books about faith, theology, the future of churches, and broader events in the world that are interesting reading.  If you would like me to start a group looking at a particular book, please let me know.  I know that several people have read Sapiens by Harari, and it raises important questions.

Plan for Darwin, Divinity, and Dance of the Cosmos Study for Chapters 4 to 8

2018-February 5:  Chapter 4 – What is the nature of the universe?  How does this affect what we think of God?  Where do we see evolution going?

2018-February 12:  Chapter 5 – How do the Great Bible Stories fit with what we are learning?

2018-February 19:  Family Day  No Study group today

2018-February 26:  Chapter 6 – Jesus’ Teachings: An Ecological Perspective

2018-March 5:  Chapter 7 – What do We Believe is the Nature of God?

2018-March 12:  Chapter 8 — Wising Up: Spirituality and Praxis for Planetary Christians

2018-March 19:  Overview —  What does this book say to how we see ourselves as Followers of the Way, Followers of Jesus?  What does it say to our mission?

2018-March 26:  Start of study of Homo Deus or the Book of Isaiah