When a person carefully reads through the synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke as well as  Paul’s early letters, it appears the early community around Jesus was one of great equality for all.  Women had significant roles, credited with funding his ministry, and recognized several times by Paul as important community leaders.  Fishermen, tax collectors and others were treated as equals. As time moved on, the patriarchal nature of the culture transformed the early church to a patriarchal community in which women were expected to remain silent in church.  It also became a hierarchy religious leaders again gained control of the religious community.  I believe it is important for people who see themselves as followers of Jesus to work for restoration of the equality that existed in that early community.  Now is the time for all followers of Jesus, male and female, rich and poor, to stand up for everyone who is unfairly treated in our society today, to work for liberation for all who live in our society.

The following article in the New York Times provides a starting task in terms of the treatment of women in our society.  Click HERE