Out of Zambia: Presentation from Youth

By Andrew Nicholson
On Sunday, October 22, the worship service at Deer Park was led by members of the Zambia Youth Exposure Tour 2017 team. This was a group of 16 youth/young adults and 7 adult leaders from Calgary area United Churches who went to Zambia in Africa for 3 weeks in order to learn about the culture and faith, build global connections, and learn what a developing country struggles with and

needs rather than making unhelpful assumptions. The team shared some of the highlights of their trip including worshipping together with the Zambians in a three-hour-long service, learning about the work of one congregation caring for those with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in the community, and visiting Victoria Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world. All participants gained a greater perspective on their faith, learned about some of the differences in cultural traditions, saw economic struggles first hand, and made new friendships. As a thank you to St. Andrews and Deer Park for all your support in fundraising, a painting was presented to each congregation. These were painted by a local painter named Andrew and his son Samson from the town of Kitwe in which we stayed for the majority of our trip. The paintings were presented to the chairs of the Boards of both St. Andrew’s and Deer Park. Jeremy Mort presented a painting to St. Andrew’s Board Chair Karen Decoux.