We discussed use of social media in our staff meeting on Wednesday, and we acknowledged how important it is for as many members of the congregation to take part as possible.  Shelley Den Haan, our Communications Consultant, is working on developing a communications team which will include members and friends of St. Andrew’s.

For now, I am offering the following possibilities for you to pursue.  An easy one is to join our Friends and Families of St. Andrew’s FaceBook Group and to like our St. Andrew’s Centre Page and our AndyChurch Outdoors Page. Then we would also appreciate your sharing one or more posts from those pages.  Your taking the time to like posts, share posts and add comments in social media and our website  increases our visibility.

Part of our plan also includes using our Facebook pages to set up and promote events related in some way to St. Andrew’s.

An interesting possibility I hope to pursue soon myself is to start one or more Meetup groups.  For example, there could be an Andychurch Bridge Meetup group, an Andychurch Outdoors Hiking Meetup group, an Andychurch Outdoors Canoeing Meetup Group, and an Andychurch Bible Study Meet Up group.

My request to readers of this blog is to add your comments on this blog.  Social media and the internet  provide us with great opportunities to reach out to people who are looking for connections, for help, and for opportunities to help others, and connecting with them will enrich our church family with new ideas, talents, friends, and opportunities to share in making God’s love real for others.  This will not happen if we think about doing it sometime.  Now is the time to act.