By Wilma Clark

Approximately once a month or six weeks, four or five  wonderful St. Andrew’s volunteers join Wilma Clark at Mayfair Care Centre to offer a   Sunday afternoon worship service

St. Andrew's at Mayfair Care Centre

Marion W, Joyce M, Dave & Doreen D, Dorothy B.
Missing: Wendy, Bev, Don , Peggy and Charles.

We gather at 2 pm to bring our guests to the 2:30 pm service; some of the staff help bring people too!
We average 20 residents and when we get over 25 it gets a little crowded, with all the wheelchairs and walkers. We have a few regulars and many others who love to listen to the music and sing along. These people are so grateful for this time to praise God, listen to scripture and pray.
This year we were graced with Carle Duguid joining us on the violin. Peggy and Charles do as many services as they can while here in the summer time. I am thankful for our pianists! Doreen and Bev are our regulars but we’ve had Lauralyn Chow, Karen Nell Bennett, and when I started in 2008, Gerry Sykes. The pianists play for 15 minutes before and after. Music is what lifts the spirit, singing all those old hymns they know by heart! They usually leave with a smile while often still humming a tune.
These volunteers are like angels to the Mayfair people, as they always have a smile and something happy to tell them. They help people find the hymn in the book. At the end they take them back to their rooms or to tea.
Each Sunday we need a pianist and 3 or 4 volunteers, if anyone is interested we’d love to have you join us. We are all getting older so the more help portering the guests the better. Our volunteers are not always available, so the more we have the easier it is to meet our needs. (approx. 1 ½ hours). Email Wilma to volunteer