“I first posted this on my Facebook page, and believe it is appropriate to post here.  While this post is not directly related to church, it does relate to the importance of relationships and the role of economic issues in social conflicts.  The Alt-Right is not a movement of people who want to be bad people:  they are alienated, hurting and angry people exploited subtly and not subtly by people pursuing power. Here is my post.

 Twenty-three people were killed in the US by firearms on Monday.  On the weekend, one person was killed by an alt-right man with his vehicle and 19 were injured with 5 or so in critical condition. The liberal elite are acting shocked by this killing. They must spend a lot of time in some sort of bubble. Racist and misogynist white males, and too many females to make sense, who share the attitudes and beliefs of the people at this gathering are everywhere. Some of them are relatives, neighbours, coworkers and friends. It is to the advantage of an elite to pretend they are only a tiny minority so we will not examine the many factors that teach and prompt them to be haters. White men who used to have economic and other advantages over everyone else are increasingly losers, and feeling increasingly angry. Since white men have the most influence in society, white men have gotten away with a variety of anti-social behaviour, and still often do, which fosters their sense of self-entitlement. The contradiction between feeling entitled and feeling like losers inflames the anger. We need to address both economic and social factors in working to reduce the attraction of the alt-right.”