By Jim Kenney

Our trip down the Bow River on August 19 was very enjoyable with only one major glitch. We made a poor choice and I made a bad move in our approach to the last real set of rapids. Then we went for a swim. The water temperature was about the same as Cabos San Lucas, reasonably warm but cool enough to chill a person after a little while. It was my first, and probably last trip on a river with the lake canoe I purchased last year.

It is good to be part of group on trips like this. When we were behind, we could benefit from the decisions made by our partners in the other canoe.  And when they were behind, they were able to benefit from seeing our two mistakes.  The Bow River is an amazing river with diverse scenery, many birds, and hundreds of people fishing on dozens of boats.
One of my goals for my work at Andychurch is encouraging people to offer leadership. One of my hopes for this fall is to spend several Sunday afternoons canoeing on Glenmore Reservoir, but hope people will not depend on me for every one of those outings. At least one person is interested in canoeing from Twin Bridges to Glenmore, and this is a lot easier shuttle task than many river trips. If you are interested in this trip, send me an email