At this time many or most people are either doing something special for the summer or planning it, whether it is travel, camping, home projects, or local exploration.  All of these activities are chosen for future-oriented purposes.   It is a time when we can also choose to work for purposes related to our faith lives.

Grounding affects the rest of our faith lives.  This includes making time for practices that can deepen and strengthen our spiritual lives, reflecting on the place for our faith lives in our lives as a whole — both now and the place we want our faith lives to have, or for reflecting on our values and goals.  This includes taking a 1000m view of our lives and a 1 cm view — looking at the whole of lives and focusing on some of the parts.

Developing our feelings of gratitude improves the rest of our lives in many ways.  Our physical health gets a boost.  Our energy and alertness for what we do increases.  Developing gratitude includes recognizing any feelings of loss, understanding them, and finding ways to heal or park those feelings.  For example, if the loss is a relationship, be glad for the good that was part of that relationship, reflect on what we learned, and what opportunities have opened up for us.  Identify what we have or still have and how that serves us and can serve us.

Grounding and gratitude enrich our lives and develop our resilience, our ability to live well in the face of tough challenges.  Thanks be to God