Consider your life at St. Andrew’s.  Which parts make you grateful to be part of this community?  Remind yourself of these parts and why they make you thankful frequently.  Then share this information with your friends and families.

“I am glad for the great summer we are having so far.

–The music on Sundays at church also makes me glad as it helps me start the week in a positive way.

–The movie nights also make me glad as I get to enjoy a movie with my friends and then have time to talk about the movie.

–Being able to help with the church’s community gardens also brightens my week as I get to enjoy gardening and feel good about helping the food bank.

–The rest of the year, I appreciate the opportunity to help with outreach projects through St. Andrew’s, to help make a positive difference in the lives of other people.

–I am also glad for the opportunity each week to catch up with some of my friends and what is happening in their lives before and after church.

–I am also glad that ..”

There are many ways to casually share how our church life is a plus for the rest of our lives.  Please do not be shy about sharing.  You may be surprised by the blessings you receive by doing that.