Javan identified right livelihood as hard work, and changing how we decide what to do and how to do it challenges us on many levels.  He started by sharing a bit of the history of Erik Ohlsen who started Permaculture Artisans and Permaculture Skills Center, and earns about $1.5 million/year.  He took a sabbatical to write his story, Activate the Joy.  Two points from this book are be vulnerable and be with the right tribe.

Key to right livelihood includes following an honest occupation, respecting other people, and taking no more than necessary from the environment.

Suicide is an issue for Javan for which he told a story and finished with the message: when we take our own life, we take it from everyone else, especially those who care about us.  We still witness the hurt and disruption arising from the decision of a step-niece to kill herself this spring.

An important element to right livelihood is the attitude, “I make mistakes; I am not perfect,” followed by getting back up after making mistakes.

One motto for permaculture reads head, heart and hands:  we need to gather the knowledge and wisdom, to care about the land, plants and animals and other people, and to work.   One assignment he gives students is 10/10/100: within 10 days use 10 hours to invest $100 in a project, usually one that benefits others.

We need to be living examples of what we value.

We need to know our values in a holistic context.

We need RCV: Ruthless Clarity of Vision

We need an MTP or a BHAG:  Massive Transformational Purpose or Big Hairy Audacious Goal à to have  a vision bigger than ourselves which lives our values.

We need to run at 80% capacity:  this is when we are most productive long term.

We need to know our gifts so we can share them.

Our zones of brilliance show the following characteristics::  Perennial, Passions, Inherent Gifs (can take natural gifts assessment) as these yield our sweet spot/native niche.

Always ask:  What is going on here?

I have applied many of these in the past, and will be working more on the last question.