Evolutionary Christianity” builds on what science is learning about evolution in in terms of the universe and life. The following blog provides some insight into discussions and learning at our Wednesday Spirituality discussions.

Teilhard de Chardin was one of the greatest Catholic theologians of the 20th century, and most of his work is a challenge for me to understand.  As a mathematician, he noticed numerical patterns and one of those is a pattern involving 10 000 000 000 (10 billion).  This seemed to be a critical number in terms of evolutionary steps.  It was when animals reached 10 billion in their number of cells that they became able to take a big step upwards in complexity.  It was when the human brain reached 10 billion cells that we have evidence of consciousness.  It may be that when we have 10 billion inter-connected people on earth that we will make the next big leap in human development., achieving a global consciousness.

Ken Wilber, author of A History of Everything,  put forward the idea of an evolving Spirit/God, a Spirit whose consciousness of self and others is limited by the consciousness of Creation.  As humans expand and grow their consciousness, the Spirit will become increasingly conscious.  An important element in the book is the inner and outer being of things.  No one can know what we really believe, feel, and think.  We cannot know the perceptions of atomic particles, atoms, molecules, rocks, etc., if they have any.  Ken Wilber oversaw the work of the Integral Institute for a few years related to Integral Theory which he developed.

Angel Journaling is writing a journal in which you write questions, statements or concerns and let your hand write a reply.  I do not remember the name of the author who introduced me to this at a course at Prairie Christian Training Centre on using art in Bible study.  The response is assumed to be from your angel.  The author theorized that every person and organization had an angel who is a link to God, and this link is mutual: the angel can influence us and we can influence the angel.  Certain illnesses require helping the angel heal while working on personal or corporate healing.

Neale Donald Walsh wrote Conversations with God.   This book affected my approach to ministry and worship.  In it he claimed to have written conversations with God after a long spiritual quest.  There are parts of this book that attack some traditional parts of Christian belief and practice.

Bruce Sanguin is a co-founder of the movement for Evolutionary Christianity. He  wrote Darwin, Divinity, and the Dance of the Cosmos and many other books.  In partnership with the United Church congregation he was serving as a minister, he started a Centre for Evolutionary Christianity.   Evolutionary Christianity has several themes, the first of which is that our understanding of God must evolve as our knowledge of the world evolves.  The second theme is that the universe is a reflection of God  —  the way the universe functions is in tune with the character of God.  A theme for some members of the movement is that God evolves as we evolve.  The most important point of his book to me is that the self-sacrificing nature of the universe reveals the self-sacrificing nature of God.