I learned 9 days ago about FOMO and YOLO, and now consider the influence these have on our ability to experience satisfaction.

Advertisers use FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out) to push us to buying things and services we do not need, but FOMO has influenced human behaviour for thousands of years.  People afraid of missing out were explorers and experimenters.  From those who discovered how to make stone tools to those who sailed the oceans in relatively small craft to explorers like Anthony Henday, people who wanted more for their lives have pushed on all kinds of boundaries.  The failure to manage FOMO finds expression in everything from warfare to drug addictions as people pursue elusive satisfaction.

I do not have a cure for FOMO, but I hope alerting people to it will help them manage their lives.  YOLO (You Only Live Once) pushes some people to try things they do not really want to do, and things they know are probably not good for them, just to get as much into life as they can.  YOLO, in the right measure, encourages us to make good choices for our lives, to minimize wasting time, to avoid climbing the wrong ladder in life, and motivates taking time to reflect on our lives and goals from time to time, helping us live good lives, creative lives.  In excess, YOLO pushes people to rushing through life, trying one thing after another without doing anything long enough to find deep satisfaction.

My hope is that this blog will help me and others manage FOMO and YOLO to build healthy, creative lives with awareness of how either, like fire, has the potential to render us continually miserable with fear or lacking a sense of accomplishment.