Mid-summer update for Camp Caravan

 By Elizabeth Gray, Camp Caravan Coordinator

Jesus gives us courage! Climb On! That’s one of the many lessons we have learned here at Camp Caravan and Jesus has certainly given us courage this summer.  This is our second summer running Camp Caravan and we were not sure on how successful it would be.  But we had courage that we were doing the right thing.  And let me tell you-this summer has been amazing!  On average, we have five times as many children registered over last year. That speaks volumes on the success of our program —- not to mention all the fun we have already had…
Over the summer we have already gone on many adventures (see photos below) from saving Rapunzel …to exploring China town. In addition, our kids have participated in new activities such as learning karate, talent shows and even creating a float to be in the Medicine Hat parade!
With such a great team and through the support of our partner congregations,  already “Camp Caravan is the best camp ever”  as one of our camp participants at Symons Valley United Church said!
More information and registration can be found on Camp Caravan’s web page.

Camp Caravan mid-summer report 2016 Camp Caravan 2016 - St. Andrew's Regional Ministries