St. Andrew’s Regional Ministries’ Youth Council

REGIONAL YOUTH COUNCIL is a leadership program

for senior high youth in the United Churches of

PURPOSE: The St. Andrew’s Regional Ministries Youth Council (formerly known as Dream Team) is a group of senior high (grades 10-12) youth serving in the United Churches of Calgary. It is intended as a leadership program, fostering and empowering leadership skills within its members. Members of this Regional Youth Council (RYC) engage in monthly meetings to plan out every aspect of their chosen events for the year. This could include planning schedules, meals, themes, workshops, activities, games, music, etc. Events are open to all United Church youth groups in Calgary and their friends. RYC members facilitate all leadership at these events, providing a unique peer-led experience for participants. RYC is led by adult facilitators and there are two elected youth co-chairs who are given the opportunity to develop a higher level of leadership. RYC aims to gain representation from all United Churches in Calgary and members act as representatives from their home congregations. There will be opportunities for RYC members to be coached on and experience many different styles of leadership, resulting in a new generation of strong youth leaders.


The expectations and requirements of

active RYC members will be as follows:

Show Leadership

  • o Act in a radically welcoming and inclusive manner at all events
    o Communicate effectively (see below)
    o Provide leadership at RYC-led events
    o Participate and show leadership within their own youth groups
    o Putting the needs of the group above personal wants when necessary
    o Role-modeling a positive and approachable personality

Commit to attending monthly RYC meetings

  • o Other than illness, exceptions must be discussed with facilitators at least 7 days
    ahead of time
    o Meetings typically are 3 hours, once a month, on a Sunday afternoon, with two 8
    hour meetings spread throughout the year

Commit to attending RYC-led event

  • o In the past this has included a Halloween Dance, Christmas sleepover, and the
    annual June camp retreat
    o However, as RYC decides what events they would like to plan and lead, this is
    subject to change

Act as a representative of RYC throughout the year

  • o Actively support Regional programs such as Naked Faith or Jam & Kram – this could
    mean attending when possible, and/or communicating back to their own youth
    groups about said events
    § Members of RYC are not expected to attend all Regional events
    o Communicating with the rest of RYC about happenings within their own youth
    o Regularly attending their own youth groups
    o Keeping in mind that they are leaders within the church, and their behaviour
    should be reflective of that position


  • o Communicate regularly with their parents
    § An information package will be sent home at the beginning of the year that
    parents will be able to look through and sign
    § However, given this is a leadership group, RYC members are expected to be
    regularly communicating with their parents about dates, commitments,
    events, and expectations
    o Communicate regularly with RYC
    § As stated above, date conflicts must be discussed with the facilitators at
    least 7 days in advance
    § If approved to miss a meeting, members are expected to communicate this
    to the rest of RYC, and to engage in follow-up communication to find out
    what was missed
    o Communicate regularly with Youth Leaders
    § Act as a liaison between regional and their own youth groups,
    communicating about events and happenings in both
    § A regional youth newsletter is sent out monthly to all the youth leaders with a
    list of upcoming regional dates – RYC members will be expected to check in
    with youth leaders about these

St. Andrew's Regional YouthCouncilHow do I become a member of RYC?

Membership for RYC is handled through an application process.

As of this year, all prospective members are required to apply for RYC, including those that were on
Dream Team last year. The only exceptions are the two co-chairs elected at the end of the previous year.
Prospective applicants will be identified by interest expressed by the applicant, leadership potential
shown at events and in collaboration with congregational youth leaders
Applications are open to any youth that will be in grades 10-12 in Fall 2016.
Applicants will fill out the provided application package, and will be interviewed by the adult facilitators and the elected youth co-chairs. Decisions about who will be a member of RYC will be made by the adult facilitators, youth co-chairs and the Regional Youth Support Committee
Applicants will personally notified whether they have been selected for RYC. The opportunity to have
a conversation about the decision and receive feedback will be provided, if needed

St. Andrew's Regional Youth CouncilThis is an EVOLVING PROCESS

We hope everyone understands that youth ministry is constantly evolving, and the Regional Youth Council is a work in progress. Keeping this in mind, our aim is to be as transparent as possible and communicate to the same standards we are expecting of RYC members. Please address any concerns/questions/feedback to the
Regional Youth facilitators via

And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to
love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.
Micah 6:8


You can apply for the Regional Youth Council online or by printing of a PDF form.  Regional Youth Council Application Documents

Your application will be reviewed by the adult facilitators and youth co-chairs of Regional Youth Council (RYC) and will be used in your RYC membership interview.
● Please complete and return no later than September 14, 2016
● Interviews for these applicants will be taking place on Sunday, September 18
● Applicants will be notified whether they have been selected by September 30
● A second round of applications will be due by October 14, 2016 to allow for applicants who hear about RYC for the first time in the fall
● Interviews will be on October 16, and applicants will be notified by October 31
● Please have two references provide reference letters for your application. Direct references to send their letters to:  Or, alternatively, email to, the names and contact information of your two references.
● 1 from youth leader or minister
● 1 from non-family member
● For additional information contact the adult facilitators at

Click here for the Online Application form for Regional Youth Council