Our Summer Camp Caravan staff will be working as a team, travelling about the Calgary area and even down to Medicine Hat. We’re excited about a second year of providing quality, values-based summer day camps.  Three of last year’s staff have returned and we welcome a new staff member. Each staff member was asked to say how they find Light in unexpected places.

VBS-ElizabethGray - 1Elizabeth Gray   It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome back Elizabeth Gray as Camp Caravan Coordinator. Since last year, Elizabeth has graduated from Mount Royal University with an English Major / Management and Marketing Minor; became engaged and traveled to Mexico! With over 10 years’ experience working with summer camps and after school programs, Elizabeth is thrilled to come back for another year to build long lasting, positive memories with new and returning campers. Elizabeth believes it’s important to create programs that instill a passion for play, while providing building blocks for creating a healthy child, and someday, a healthy adult – something she knows her and her team will be able to provide all children this summer.

To her, “Finding Light in Unexpected Places”, is an opportunity to find good in all moments, people and things – whether good or bad, positive or negative. “It can also be a call to people to be that light, or rather, a positive influence to those that are struggling and even those that are just walking their personal path.”

Elizabeth is excited to be part of a camp that allows her to combine play, spirituality and community into one program, as well as building children up and fostering an environment of friendship, happiness and fun!

Greg Gray, VBS Staff for St. Andrew's Regional in CalgaryGregory Gray  It is our pleasure to welcome Gregory Gray back to our Camp Caravan Crew. This past year, Gregory has done a lot of personal growth through his time at Bow Valley Collage, as well as connecting more deeply with his spirituality. In May 2016, Gregory travelled and explored Japan through a student-abroad program connected with his schooling. Gregory is inspired by gratefulness and contentment.

For Gregory, “Finding Light in Unexpected Places” means “having your eyes open to new and exciting things that lead you to personal enlightenment.”

Gregory cannot wait to play fun, exciting and creative camp games all summer long!


VBS-Jessica - 1Jessica Johnston  Let us put our hands together in welcoming Jessica back to our Camp Caravan Crew. Jessica completed her third year at Mount Royal University, continuing her dream in becoming a grade-school teacher. In May 2016, she too was off again traveling the world to improve her Spanish-speaking skills.

Jessica believes that “Finding Light in Unexpected Places” symbolizes “Optimism and finding joy in anything that you do, especially during hardships.”

Jessica is thrilled to be back at Camp Caravan for her second year and she looks forward to working with wonderful people, meeting new children and sharing new skills with the Camp Caravan Crew!


Carmelle PaulyCarmelle Pauly  Our newest Camp Caravan Crew member is Carmelle Pauly. Carmelle is currently in high school and, upon graduation, hopes to peruse her dream of working in the engineering field. Carmelle is kind, thoughtful and full of Joy.

She believes that “Finding Light in Unexpected Places” means: being able to “…make productive and encouraging outcomes in situations that may be considered challenging.”

Learning, books, and music inspire Carmelle. She is looking forward to working, and contributing, in an uplifting and encouraging environment with both her co-workers and Camp Caravan Campers!