Good News on Refugee Sponsorship!
   The St. Andrew’s Church in Community committee and friends are embarking on a new outreach project. We are providing leadership to sponsor a Syrian refugee family in 2016. Last week St. Andrew’s Council approved a motion that St. Andrew’s will join a collaboration of United Churches to sponsor a family. Part of the motion is that St. Andrew’s commits to raising a minimum of $7500.
The next meeting of the Committee is on January 12, 2016 at Deer Park United Church and at that meeting we will learn more about the number of churches that will be on board and what level of support they will provide.  At this time we expect that at least three churches will commit to provide financial and volunteer support. And there are other volunteers who are interested in being a part of the sponsoring group.
Marion Wolff and Wendy Campbell from St. Andrew’s Church in Community and Bryon Delarue from Deer Park United Church have volunteered to co-chair the committee. Already we are looking at options for rental housing and seeking advice from others in regards to sponsoring a Syrian family.
Wendy and Marion are excited about St. Andrew’s taking part in sponsoring a Syrian family.  Our Church last sponsored a refugee family in 2003-2004. The Correa family were from Colombia and Don Stiles was the Chair of the Refugee Committee. Joan Greig, Joyce Moore, Peggy Scott, June Dickson, Joye Brown and Betty Miller were on the Church in Society committee. All familiar names whom have made a difference in outreach for St. Andrew‘s United Church.
The St. Andrew‘s congregation has always been generous for causes that they believe in and we feel that we can count on many of you to donate to the Refugee fund. Cheques are to be written to St. Andrew‘s United Church with a memo indicating it is for the St. Andrew‘s Refugee Fund. The cheque can be placed in an envelope on the offering plate on a Sunday or dropped off at the St. Andrew‘s Centre. Those cheques that are written and dropped off before Dec. 31 will receive tax receipts for the 2015 year.
We look forward to being part of the Syrian sponsorship process and we look forward to sharing it with all of you.                                     Marion and Wendy