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What word of Faith are the youth forming?

The seventeen youth and young adults taking confirmation spent February 27 to March 3 in Canmore for their retreat. Leaders are Rev. Catherine Elsdon and Youth Minister Brenda McKellar. The youth and their leaders stayed in condos and prepared meals while continuing to learn and explore more of our Christian Faith. Some of the adult mentors came up to Canmore on Saturday to spend a few hours with the group. The participants also had a break to go dog sledding!
In one activity the youth and young adults were asked to write down what they wish God would say.  Some responses included:

“I am formless, vast and the human mind cannot comprehend my majesty.  I cannot be quantified as lame or female old or young”

“The earth is a place people are welcome”
“It is okay to be gay”
“No seriously I meant everyone is equal not just all men”
“Enjoy every minute of everyday”
“Marriage doesn’t have to be traditional man/woman.  It can be anything m/m w/w m/w ”
“People should not be judged on who they choose to love”
“I’m not saying I am the only representation of God, but maybe I am yours, and that’s all that matters”

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