MeatThe culinary creations of Rev. Danah Cox are a wonderful part of the Palates program and were also a key part of last weekend’s Robbie Burns Training Event. Below, Dana shares his roast beef recipe from last weekend. The next section of Palates will begin next month. Watch for dates on our website, facebook page and e-newsletter. Palates is an evening program offered at St. Andrew’s Centre that combines great food, good conversations, spirituality and creativity.

By Rev. Danah Cox

My style of cooking is reflective of the Creole/Cajun community found in Southern Louisiana. As with so many
aspects of this culture, that thrives on self expression and spontaneity, my cooking style is one that relies heavily on
spur of the moment decision supported by many years of experience. Hence, my style in the kitchen flows not from a
logical process steered by cookbooks and recipes, but more from a creative consideration of quality ingredients at
hand. Click here for more: Beef reduction with pomegranate