Sandwichmaking2By Marion Wolff
“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” This is the message a young staff member told me when I dropped off sandwiches and toiletries at the Calgary Drop-In Centre a week ago. For almost five years, I have had the privilege of dropping off St. Andrew’s donations and the Drop in Centre’s response is always this enthusiastic and appreciative.
In 1984 Joyce Moore volunteered to coordinate St. Andrew’s monthly outreach program to prepare sandwiches for the Calgary Drop-In Centre. Thirty years later and the service is still vital.

On the first Thursday of each month volunteers meet to prepare sandwiches, visit and share fellowship for an hour.  Others faithfully drop off their sandwiches and/or donations of clothes and toiletries. Still, other people generously donate money for this outreach program.
The following is a list of the many faithful volunteers who have helped Joyce and me with this outreach program during the past year: Meredith and Larry Miller, Ella May Stuart, Yolande Hall, Beth Rankin, Lillian Elder, Shirley Koprek, Moira Owen, Velma Hayes, Pat Matheson, Ruth MacDonald, Laurie Rowe, Doreen Driscoll, Wendy Campbell, Susan Foulkes, Joye Brown, June Dickson, Lois Bullough and Bev Walters. My apologies if I have missed someone.
The sandwich making program is obviously important and will continue at the St. Andrew’s Centre, but there will be a slight change starting in October. We will still be meeting on the first Thursday of the month, but the time will change. We will now be meeting at 1 p.m. rather than in the morning.
We always welcome new volunteers. If you have an hour to spare come and join us or prepare sandwiches at home and drop them off for us to deliver or donate money for this program. If you would like more information please phone Joyce  or Marion  through St. Andrew’s Centre 403-259-4080.